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Yoink 3.4
Yoink 3.4 Multilingual | macOS | 14 mb

Yoink simplifies and improves drag and drop between windows, apps, spaces and fullscreen apps.

When you start dragging files in Finder or content from an application, Yoink fades in a tiny window at the edge of your screen so you can drag to it.


Why Bob Dylan Matters

Why Bob Dylan Matters by Richard F. Thomas
English | November 21st, 2017 | ASIN: B06XBZ85X9, ISBN: 0062685732 | 368 Pages | EPUB | 1.41 MB
When the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan in 2016, a debate raged. Some celebrated, while many others questioned the choice. How could the world's most prestigious book prize be awarded to a famously cantankerous singer-songwriter who wouldn't even deign to attend the medal ceremony?



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