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Scanbot - PDF Document Scanner v6.8.1.219 [Pro]
Scanbot - PDF Document Scanner v6.8.1.219 [Pro] | Android | 26.1 MB

Scanbot is your free mobile scanner app for documents, QR- and Barcodes. We make scanning fast and easy with our automatic document detection technology. Just hold your device over a document and it's detected and cropped automatically. Save it as a PDF or JPG, annotate and upload it to your favorite cloud storage provider like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote and many others.

Death on Delos - Gary Corby

Death on Delos - Gary Corby
English | 2017 | 352 Pages | ISBN: 1616958219 | EPUB | 916.6 KB
Greece, 454 BC: The sacred isle of Delos, the birthplace of the divine twins Apollo and Artemis, has been a most holy pilgrimage site for centuries. Delos is also home to the military fund kept by the Delian League, the alliance of city-states that defended Greece against the Persians, and that vast treasury is protected only by the priests and priestesses of the tiny isle and a scant armed guard.


Wildlife Photography Capturing Photos of Your Favorite Animals
Wildlife Photography: Capturing Photos of Your Favorite Animals
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 27M | 506 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Go into the wild with 21-year-old Finnish photographer and self-proclaimed "squirrel whisperer," Konsta Punkka.

finding a shoot location near you

how to "whisper" to get the animals closer to your lens

Deadly Cargo - James Patterson

Deadly Cargo - James Patterson
English | 2017 | 141 Pages | ISBN: 1786531763 | EPUB | 231.23 KB
When a distress call is received at the Casco Cove Coast Guard Station in Alaska, Rick O'Neill readies his team for a rescue mission. In the storm-tossed freezing waters they find the foundering Russian cargo ship, but when they try to make contact they receive no response. Boarding what appears to be a deserted vessel, O'Neill begins to realise that nothing on this ship is as it seems, and he may have just led his team into a trap.


Boom 2 v1.6.2 Multilingual macOS
macOS 10.7 or later | Language: Multilingual | Size: 17 MB

Boom 2 is a system-wide volume booster and equalizer app. It comes with a smart interface, self-calibrates itself according to your Mac, offers hands-on advanced equalizer controls for finer audio control and amazing audio effects for enhanced audio output. You get a personalized acoustic experience on your Mac so that your Boom 2 sounds like you. Unique.

Deadfall - Linda Fairstein

Deadfall - Linda Fairstein
English | 2017 | 400 Pages | ISBN: 110198404X | EPUB | 2.49 MB
Hunting a killer within New York's urban jungle becomes the biggest case of Alexandra Cooper's career in New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein's latest riveting thriller.
A wild heart beats within New York City. Amid concrete and skyscrapers, the Wildlife Conservation Society works to preserve and protect the animal kingdom both within and beyond the borders of the five boroughs. But dangerous creatures don't always have claws and fangs, as Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper and NYPD detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace know all too well


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