iThoughtsX.4.14.6171 Multilingual MacOSX

iThoughtsX 4.14.6171 Multilingual MacOSX | 29 MB

iThoughtsX is a mind mapping app for the Mac. It is based upon and fully compatible with iThoughts for iOS. Mind mapping is a technique that implies drawing thoughts in the form of charts, instead of writing sentences that would take far to long to write. Considering the fact that many of us spend most of our time in front of computers on a daily basis, theoretically, most of our ideas should pop up right there and then.

BookReader 5.10 MacOSX
File size: 15 MB

BookReader marks another step towards virtual reality. Your bookshelves on your Mac, very realistic reading from the screen. Moreover, you can fully customize your books, - change covers, fonts, colors, whatever you want to see all your books as you wish. BookReader now supports epub books with multimedia contents, es. html5 video, animations, interactive 3D contents, and all of that good stuff epub3 & html5 allows

EveryLang 2.17.40 Beta + Portable

EveryLang 2.17.40 Beta + Portable | 8.4/7.6 Mb

EveryLang uses the services Google, Microsoft and Yandex, which help to translate the texts in any language you want. Open the main window, type your text and click the translate button. Select the text anywhere and double press the Ctrl button. The history of translations.
Gothic Instruments Sculptor Epic Risers - KONTAKT

Gothic Instruments Sculptor Epic Risers KONTAKT | 367 Mb

Rises are sounds that start low in pitch and end high in pitch and they add instant rising excitement to tracks in any genre. SCULPTOR Epic Risers starts with amazing raw rise sounds then makes your life easier by putting them in sync with your projects, adding endless variety and making them very easy to control.

Winclone Pro 6.1.6 MacOSX
File size: 19 MB

Winclone 6 is the most complete solution for protecting your Boot Camp Windows system against data loss. Winclone is the most reliable cloning solution when migrating Boot Camp to a new Mac. The Winclone Backup feature provides scheduled, incremental snapshots of the Windows User folder for retrieval of earlier versions or deleted data.

Gothic Instruments Sculptor Epic Drops - KONTAKT

Gothic Instruments Sculptor Epic Drops KONTAKT | 861 Mb

SCULPTOR Epic Drops is the fourth module in Gothic Instruments' high quality series of FX tools, following on from the particularly perfect companion library - Epic Risers, and other previous releases - Live Impacts and Massive Whooshes. Unlike many sample packs that simply offer numerous similar-sounding falls, SCULPTOR Epic Drops allows you to dive deeper and easily blend and shape the sound to exactly suit your project. Each drop is made up of a blend of two sounds, which helps to add spectral complexity and variety to the sounds.