PortScan & Stuff 1.61 Portable

PortScan & Stuff 1.61 Portable | 1.0 Mb

PortScan is an easy to use network scanner that can quickly check an IP range and return information about the alive machines. Especially useful if you wish to check the details of your networks computers, PortScan is not quite a complicated program, although its more or less obvious that its not addressed to beginners. Its clean interface relies on a tabbed layout, so you can easily access the feature you want with a single click.

The Authority of Law

The Authority of Law: Essays on Law and Morality by Joseph Raz
English | 15 Sept. 1983 | ISBN: 0198254938 | 283 Pages | PDF | 1 MB
This book is concerned with the nature of law and its relation to morality, concentrating on the proper moral attitude of a citizen towards the law of his country.


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