Venetian Renaissance Fortifications in the Mediterranean

Venetian Renaissance Fortifications in the Mediterranean

Venetian Renaissance Fortifications in the Mediterranean
by Dragos Cosmescu
English | 2016 | ISBN: 0786497505 | 243 Pages | PDF | 156 MB

The Renaissance was a revolution of ideas, arts and sciences alike, with Italy at its center. Venice was among the first states to embrace new concepts in fortification, which would dominate military architecture for centuries. In the age of large galley fleets and an expanding Ottoman Empire, the mighty defenses of the Republic of Venice protected faraway territories in the Mediterranean, and some of the largest and best preserved Renaissance fortifications are found on the former Venetian islands.

This book illustrates in detail the impressive defenses of Cyprus, Crete and Corfu, their design and their war record. Walled towns and fortresses were constructed to the latest standards of military technology, with walls capable of withstanding the largest armies and the longest sieges, including the longest in history-22 years.
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