Ansible for network engineers

Ansible for network engineers

Ansible for network engineers
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In this webinar/online course you'll learn the basics of Ansible, YAML and Jinja2, the pesky details that trip Ansible beginners, and how to use Ansible to automate your network while solving numerous hands-on challenges on your way to becoming an Ansible expert.

Is This You?

Network architect, technical pre-sales engineer, or similar senior, technical leader role
Traditional networking engineer striving to improve your career prospects
Automation user (sysadmin or programmer) aiming to extend automation to networking devices
Want to avoid expensive solutions and untested technologies that benefit vendors but not end-users?
Frustrated with home-grown automation scripts built with Perl/Python/TCL/Shell Scripts?
Prefer to build systems from small components over buying monolithic vendor platforms?

Ansible is the go-to network automation tool used by everyone - from engineers starting their automation journey to gigantic web properties like Spotify or Fastly. Explore it and become an Ansible expert with this online course!
Do You Have These Challenges

You're sick-and-tired of repetitive work being done by your department
Interested in network automation but don't know where/how to start
Faced with a large deployment with aggressive roll-out deadlines
Have to make network infrastructure or services delivery more predictable and reliable
Looking for a small proof-of-concept project that you could deploy in a production network
Confused by the plethora of open-source and vendor tools
Tried Ansible and got stuck

This online course will help you master the intricacies of Ansible and enable you to use it to automate your network.

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The Ansible for Networking Engineers online course covers these topics:

Introduction to Ansible and network configuration templating case study
Data models with YAML and JSON
Introduction to YAML and JSON including YAML and JSON syntax
Simple data types
Lists (arrays) and dictionaries (hashes)
Complex data types
Creating templates with Jinja2
Jinja2 basics
Traversing complex data types and using loops
Variable, macros and includes
Using Python methods in Jinja2
Jinja2 IP address handling plugins in Ansible
Introduction to Ansible
Ansible playbooks
Advanced Ansible topics:
deep dive into Ansible variables
Play and task execution and error handling
included tasks and plays
Ansible roles
file handling
exotic Jinja2 filters included in Ansible
Custom plugins and Jinja2 filters
Integration with external data stores or systems[1]
Dynamic inventory and dynamic hosts and groups
Lookup filters
Ansible modules for networking devices
Executing commands on routers and switches
Simple command-based playbooks
Retrieving device facts and operational data
'network_cli connection plugin
Managing device configurations with Ansible

The DMVPN case study part of the webinar gives you a step-by-step approach to creating an automated Cisco IOS configuration builder, from data model design (using YAML), configuration templates (using Jinja2) and process automation with Ansible. Online course includes numerous other case studies.
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