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Gothic Instruments Sculptor Epic Risers - KONTAKT

Gothic Instruments Sculptor Epic Risers - KONTAKT

Gothic Instruments Sculptor Epic Risers KONTAKT | 367 Mb

Rises are sounds that start low in pitch and end high in pitch and they add instant rising excitement to tracks in any genre. SCULPTOR Epic Risers starts with amazing raw rise sounds then makes your life easier by putting them in sync with your projects, adding endless variety and making them very easy to control.

Many existing 'riser' libraries will offer either great sounds which are limited, inflexible and can't be repeated too many times without getting stale; or a flexible but overcomplicated interface with uninspiring raw waveforms like white noise and saw tooth waves which require a lot of work for not very much in return. Enter SCULPTOR Epic Risers with its combination of supreme sounds, clever behind-the-scenes scripting and straightforward controls...

TV, Film and Video Game composers and sound designers will love how easy it is to produce rises that range from the most subtle, yet essential, background effects to powerful and startling crescendos. In short, truly emotionally arresting audio that will steer and submerge your audience in their film/tv/game play experience. Combine with SCULPTOR Live Impacts and SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes for the ultimate toolbox of FX.

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