Drive SnapShot v1.48.0.18753
Drive SnapShot v1.48.0.18753 | 6.8 Mb

Drive Snapshot creates an exact Disk Image of your system into a file, including the operating system, installed programs, your data and all security attributes - while windows is running and you continue to work. Drive Snapshot it allows you to backup your partition or your hard disk drive and it also can create a disk image of your system. If disaster strikes (a virus, trojan, or hard disk crash), a complete and exact restauration of your system will be possible in only few minutes. The image file can be mounted as a virtual drive, so you can easily restore (or use) single files or directories, using the Windows Explorer, or other program.

Photos Recovery v1.0.0.117
Photos Recovery v1.0.0.117 | 7.6 Mb

Recover lost photos swiftly. Photos Recovery is the best software to retrieve digital images that are deleted, lost, or formatted from USB Flash Drive, memory cards, hard drive etc. Not only this but Photos Recovery can also retrieve deleted photos from different file system like FAT, FAT 32, NTFS etc.

RawDigger v1.4.0.670

File Size: 37.2 MB

RawDigger is a tool to visualize and examine pure raw data as the camera has recorded it. In essence, it is a microscope of sorts that lets you drill down into raw data. RawDigger doesn't alter the raw data in any way. RawDigger is not a raw convertor. Instead, it allows you to see the data that will be used by raw convertors.

Quick Surface v1.0 Build 77 (x64)
Quick Surface v1.0 Build 77 (x64) | 24.1 Mb

The ultimate solution for Reverse Engineering compatible with any 3D Scanner exporting STL meshes or PTX point clouds. Hybrid parametric modelling for both organic and prismatic shapes. Export data in standard IGES or STEP file formats or build fully parametric history tree directly into SOLIDWORKS.

V1 Murder Case 2019 1080p AMZN WEB DL DD+2 0 H264 DusIcTv
General Info
Filename.......: V1 Murder Case 2019 1080p AMZN WEB-DL DD+2 0 H264-DusIcTv
FileSize........:3.47 GB

Video Info
Aspect ratio...:16:9
Bite rate........:4401 Kbps
Frame rate.....:25.000 fps

Audio Info
Bite rate........:224 Kbps
Genres:: Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Crime
iMDB info
TmDB info

An intelligent forensic officer starts investigating a murder, but he faces a slew of challenges as he suffers from nyctophobia. Will he be able to solve the case?

Duplicate Sweeper v1.89

English | File size : 6.75 MB

Duplicate Sweeper makes finding, selecting and removing duplicate files on your computer quick and easy. Using Duplicate Sweepers advanced search algorithm, files with the same content are quickly identified - even if they are named differently.
Duplicate Sweeper makes it easy to select which files to keep based on date. You can even preview the file contents using the in-built document viewer in Duplicate Sweeper.

Tone2 Nemesis v1.6.0 WiN
Tone2 Nemesis v1.6.0 WiN | 64 Mb
Nemesis can do all classic digital synthesis methods as well as a new approach called 'NeoFM'. NeoFM is more powerful and more easy to program than traditional FM. It offers superior sound quality. A signature-sound is generated by its engine, which is capable of providing warm, silky and creamy tones.


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