The Outrun [Audiobook]
The Outrun [Audiobook] by Amy Liptrot
English | September 1st, 2016 | ASIN: B01IU55GS2 | MP3@64 kbps | 6 hrs 47 mins | 186.71 MB
Narrator: Tracy Wiles

At the age of 30, Amy Liptrot finds herself washed up back home on Orkney. Standing unstable on the island, she tries to come to terms with the addiction that has swallowed the last decade of her life.

O&O SafeErase Professional 11.5.213
File size: 29.8 MB

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What Is Meditation?: Realizing the Life That You Are [Audiobook]
What Is Meditation?: Realizing the Life That You Are [Audiobook] by Eckhart Tolle
English | November 20th, 2008 | ASIN: B001LV3USQ, ISBN: 1894884825 | MP3@64 kbps | 1 hr 4 mins | 29.66 MB
Narrator: Eckhart Tolle

The essence of meditation is not something we do; rather, it is simply to be, fully present and aligned with life in the moment. This is the central teaching of Eckhart Tolle's What Is Meditation? In this audio session, Eckhart helps us transcend our beliefs and ideas about meditation-including the tendency to turn the practice into a means to an end-in order to realize directly our formless nature as being that is primary to any doing.
Textbook of Membrane Biology
Textbook of Membrane Biology by Rashmi Wardhan
English | 15 Feb. 2018 | ISBN: 9811071004 | 396 Pages | PDF | 24.96 MB

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the basic principles, concepts, techniques and latest advances in the field of biomembranes and membrane-associated processes. With new emerging technologies and bioinformatics tools,


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