Muletone Audio Brazilian Series Surdo v1.2 KONTAKT
Muletone Audio Brazilian Series Surdo v1.2 KONTAKT | 76 Mb

The Surdo is a Brazilian bass drum usually made of wood or metal with skin on both sides. Traditionally used in samba and other derivative styles the surdo has been within this niche since the carnival in the 1920's remaining relevant to this day in typical modern musical styles of Brazil.


SzcZ Sawmill v1.1 KONTAKT
SzcZ Sawmill v1.1 KONTAKT | 2.78 Gb

Sawmill is an instrument inspired by the supersaw sound. In a broad sense, it doesn't try to emulate the classic supersaw sound but I think it's interesting how layering detuned saw oscillators turns a static sound into a moving texture. I have been wondering how would it sound if you detuned other parameters, not just pitch. For example, you could also detune filters, LFO frequency, effects etc.

Insanity Samples Offensive Synth KONTAKT
Insanity Samples Offensive Synth KONTAKT | 1.44 Gb

A 3 oscillator super synth modelled on a mixture of analogue beasts. Designed to tap into both the classic analogue sound, whilst stepping out into the modern age with a multitude of modulation possibilities. From budding beginners making use of the extensive preset collection, to hardened synth wizards.